Entrepreneurs, Your Should Not Go Solo


Almost all successful entrepreneurs suggest having co-founders for a number of reasons:
1. Reduced solitude
Staring a business is, much of the time, the loneliest thing we can do on earth, and having a group of people joining a adventure will reduce loneliness and will likely have more chances of success.
2. More eyes
More people mean more viewpoints what will improve your perspective and plans.
3. More involvement
Discussing about business plans with friends and family is different from chatting with co-founders, because co-founders are more in the game, and they are more likely to work with you without pay when the company is not making money yet.
4.More skills
Co-founders should have complementary skills, one with technical skills, and the other with marketing skills for example. So it will be helpful for business development.
5. More responsibility
Losing a solo game, like a tennis game(which involves one player), is far less dramatic than losing a football game( which involves many players). That pressure does help co-founders to work harder for a better chance of success.

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